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Local Restaurants That Appeal

Let's find out where the locals choose to spend their dining time!


The Local Flavor

Why Locals Like It Here

Let's take a look at what draws locals and visitors alike to Bluff Park

Bluff Park Restaurants and Coffee Houses

Only The Very Best

Bluff Park Diner

Just Like Mom's Cooking

Enjoy a different Southern favorite each day of the week.

Tip Top Grill

Wait Till You See The View

Tip Top Grill has one of the most beautiful and highest mountain views in the Birmingham area. With abundant outdoor seating, it is the perfect place for breakfast or lunch. By using just a little imagination you can experience a short vacation during your visit to Tip Top

Mr. P's Deli

Since 1975

Is it a butcher shop?  Is it a Deli? Check it out for yourself and have some of the finest meat around.

Wild Roast Cafe

Community Feeling

Not a chain coffee shop, this is where you go to have coffee and relax with friends and neighbors.

Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe

A fun family atmosphere with traditional flavors and original creations you won't find anywhere else.

Out Shopping


A Mixture of Modern and Old Fashioned

Shop where the locals shop!

Bluff Park Shops

A Mix of Traditional and Modern

Bluff Park Hardware

One-on-one attention

A longtime fixture of Bluff Park, this Mom and Pop style store will provide just about any hardware item you need with guaranteed friendly service.

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